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So apparently this never got posted, but I decided to post in anyway.

This is the story for CWWC fourth challenge. I used all the prompts.

“You’re so pretty”

The cake was for my fourteenth birthday, but what my cousin Chloe meant by the words was the cake was pretty.

Not me.

Chloe has a really weird sense of humor.

It really was a pretty cake. It was in the shape of a circle, with white icing decorated with purple roses. It looked so pretty I didn’t want to eat it.

However it was my party, I had just blown out the candles and both of my friends waited for me to cut it. I handed the knife to Chloe.

“You can cut it.”

She never spoke, never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me what was about to happen.

Or so I thought.

I thought it was going to be a balloon cake that popped when you cut it, (The actual reason I didn’t want to eat it) the same thing Chloe had made for my last three birthdays.

I was wrong.

It was a cake portal.

I stepped through it and saw a girl drawing circles on a chalkboard. I tapped her on the shoulder.

“Oh, there you are Matilda. I’ve been waiting.”

“H-how do you know my name.”

The girl laughed. “This was all planned. Now come on!”

The girl dragged me into a huge ballroom style room. A long table extended across the length of the room. Cakes and deserts lined the table. I turned around to see Chloe and the rest of my friends grinning.

“You knew?”

“Of course we knew!” Chloe announced. “We arranged it.”

“Now let’s eat!” The strange girl proclaimed.”

“Her name’s Emerald by the way.” Chloe whispered.

Emerald lighted fourteen candles, and I blew them all out, in one breath. We ate all the treats we wanted, until finally it was time to go home. Each girl picked her favorite treat to take home with us, and Emerald led us back to the room where we had come out. We stepped back through the cake.

Back at home I confronted Chloe. “This was nice and all, but perhaps next year I could have a normal cake?”




My Family Eats Weird

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My family eats weird.

Since one of my sisters and I were little we have had a sensitivity to certain foods. We say it’s to MSG (Monosodium glutamate.) but in reality there are a lot of foods we ‘can’t eat.’ It’s a sensitivity, not a true allergy, which means we don’t break out or get sick, but it makes us more ‘grumpy.’

So for years, as long as I can remember, we didn’t eat anything with preservatives, MSG, or chemicals. We don’t usually eat that way anymore, we eat mostly what we want outside of our house, but at home we still eat weird. Most of our food is all natural, organic, non gmo certified, and there is a whole list of things we don’t eat.


I love to bake, but with the way we eat, recipes often have to be adapted, changed, or ditched entirely.

We use coconut sugar or honey instead of white sugar, grind our own whole-wheat flour instead of using white flour, no food coloring, cornstarch, buttermilk, cake flour, sweetened condensed milk, corn syrup, cake mix, powdered sugar,.

A lot of things are easily, or at least doably, substituted for. Fruits and vegetables often make good dyes, one part lemon juice, three parts milk (Or water even) works just fine as Buttermilk, cake flour can usually be replaced with normal flour, or a different recipe for the same thing without cake flour found. Recipes without sweetened condensed milk or corn syrup can usually be found instead of one that calls for those things. Cake batter from a recipe can be used instead of cake mixes. Sometimes powdered sugar can be replaced with sugar and flour, but not usually. Powdered sugar is hard to replace.  

Icing is the worst. I know people who think cake/cupcakes aren’t cake/cupcakes unless they have icing, but without powdered sugar, icing is REALLY hard. I’ve tried making icing other ways, but it’s hard without powdered sugar.

Cookie dough icing and peanut butter icing both have powdered sugar in them, though I am going to try to make versions without. Jelly has pectin it in. Marshmallows are bad, though I’m not entirely sure why.

I’m working on coming up with something to replace icing, which is hard, but I like the challenge.


It’s hard when people don’t eat your food because it looks ‘weird’ but it’s really cool when you make something just as good or better as the ‘normal’ version, but completely safe and filled with natural things.

That’s the best part.


Julia Rose Launch Tour!

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So today I am particapating in the lovely Julia Rose’s blog launch tour for her new blog Julia Rose Author. She also posts over at DollsNAll, where you might know her from.

Julia Rose

So I did a little interviewy thing, and here it is! I’m in Black, Julia in purple.

First: Why did you decide to start Julia Rose?

Julia: I started my blog to document my journey of writing, my wandering in written worlds (hence the tagline!), and to share the joy of writing with the world! It’s my passion, and it spills into everything I do! I also want to glorify God in whatever I do – and that includes my blogging and writing!

Second: What do you want people to know about your new blog?

Julia:  I want people to be encouraged, and I want them to learn from my mistakes. XD I want my blog to be enjoyable and welcoming. Plus, making new friends in the blogosphere is always so much fun.. I’d like to do writing related posts, with a few articles here and there, writing snippets once in a while, interviews, and maybe the occasional fun reading post (in which I insist EVERYONE reads Chuck Black’s books!).
Third: Do you have an advice for people starting a blog different from a first one?
Julia: Starting a blog is like starting with a fresh page (haha, literally if you’re a writer) and don’t give up. Don’t toss it aside. Press through and do your best! The beginning is often the hardest because you don’t see a lot of fruit out of it. But still, keep going and do it!
And now for some snippets, because yay snippets!
Julia: Aha! Snippet time!  *rubs hands together evilly* I love snippet time. XD Let’s do some mixed-up Kernera snippets (just to get you thoroughly confused!)!
The gravestone was a bleak addition to the cold snowy landscape… an unwelcome one, that is. Tears splashed onto the granite as a young lady knelt on the frozen ground beside it, crying. Towering a few feet behind her was a hulking figure who stepped slowly and uncertainy closer and closer until he reached the kneeling form. He stooped down and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her heaving shoulders. He held her there for a while, offering support as she grieved. She buried her head in his embrace, sobbing. – Beyond Kernera, by Julia Rose

She had but minutes to save herself and the child. Just as she reached Cheval Beau, a shadowy figure snapped the rope keeping him, leaped into the saddle and galloped soundlessly away. Cheval Beau tossed his head wildly, whinnying, and fear gripped her heart like an icy hand with clawing fingers.

“No,” she whispered. But that was all she could say, for during her shock she had lost her senses and did not take in her surroundings, for she was grabbed roughly and thrown behind the saddle of a strange horse. The stranger covered her mouth with a thickly gloved hand and sharply hissed, “Not a sound or our death will arrive.” – Journey to Fort Kernera, by Julia Rose

Anger continued to swell within the man as he reached the entrance of the cave. It used to be his comforting abode – the only place to return to as a haven during the chaos of the world. But when he had left abruptly….

“Well, at least someone put it to good use,” he muttered, lifting the play sword. It looked too much like the one he had made for his own son… it brought back too many painful memories. He threw it to the ground. His voice echoed throughout the cave as he yelled to no one in particular – or so he thought. “Why did everything have to happen? Why?! I can’t let go. I won’t forget!” He turned sharply, and in doing so struck an unforeseen corner of the room. He swore, and then saw a small scrap of paper protruding from a crack. Could it have survived all these years? He knelt, hope beginning to fill him once more. He grabbed the corner and tugged… but he immediately deflated. Only the corner was still in existence. – Because of Kernera, by Julia Rose
Those three snippets are from the three short stories that make up my Kernera trilogy! I really, really love/loved writing those and you’ll have to keep watching my blog to find out the rest!
So go read Julia’s blog to find out the rest of the story, and because her blog is awesome!

Merry Christmas Eve + Snow

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Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s about 7:30 on Christmas Eve, and as long as I’m on my computer I should do something productive right? Gets me out of being social at least.

Okay, so today I am going to talk about snow.

It’s snowing pretty hard here right now. It might not be the first time in my lifetime we have had a white Christmas, but certainly the first time I can remember. I really hope it sticks and we get our white Christmas after all.

Here is a picture I tried to capture of the falling snow. It’s not great, but I like it.

I love snow. I love almost everything about it. I don’t care if I am not four, I will squeal SNOW!!! and run around in it.

I love the sound of the snowflakes hitting the ground with soft thumps. I love how the snow dims the world into a white wonderland. I love being alone outside in the snow, hearing nothing but the world transforming. I love how the moonlight bounces off the snow in the dark. I love soft footsteps in the snow. I love feeling snow on my hair. I love seeing the unique snowflakes. I love waking up after a hard snow and seeing the white world. I even love being cold in the snow.

When it snows, to me at least, the world becomes peaceful. As if nothing else matters. Just snow. 

Okay, there’s this year’s Christmas Eve post.

Merry Christmas Eve, enjoy Christmas tomorrow, and remember the real reason for the season. Jesus.


The Story Of The Swing

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So one day I was randomly watching music videos on youtube, and they were swinging on this really cool swing. And I thought “Hey, it would be really cool if we had one of those!”

About a week, two trips to Lowes, and four hours of working on it, I had my swing.

My Secret Swing

My family doesn’t really have a big backyard, only about three quarters of an acre, but some of it is wooded. We have worked with ropes many times. We have a ‘rope course’ consisting of ropes strung between trees different ways to walk on, which we redo almost every year. We have a rope swing hung from a tree three stories high. We had a tire swing (But it came down with the ropes course this year.) So a swing shouldn’t be too complicated.

So I talked to my Mom about it. She told me that if I could find a tree she would help me put it up.


When we came back from vacation I went on a hunt for trees. Most of the trees in the backyard are forest trees, growing straight up. I couldn’t find a tree with a good branch for hanging a swing.

But when we put up the tire swing we didn’t have a good branch either. We hung rope between two trees and hung the tire from a rope tied to the rope between the trees. So we could do that instead.

I picked out two trees on top of a hill in the back corner of the yard, where people rarely go. The perfect hideout.

I brought my Mom back there, and she agreed that the two trees would work.

Mom thought we could use some help, so I called Papa (My Grandpa) and asked him to help. He was going to come over on Saturday, but it rained. And then on Sunday he came over, but we had other stuff to do also and we didn’t get to it.

So we found time on Monday, (Labor day, also the first day of school) and after school my Mom, Papa and I went up to the hill to work on it.


They had gone to Lowes twice already and gotten the things we needed, but we had to drag it all back there, ladders, hammers, nails. They sent me up and down that hill several times.  

Instead of tying a rope between the two trees Mom and Papa tied two two-by-fours between the trees. They were going to tie them on either side of the tree, but they ended up nailing them together, and tying one end on one side of the tree, the other on the other side.

Most of what I got to do was sit and watch them, which was very boring since it took about four hours, but it was worth it.

When we had the wood up we went to make the seat. We were going to make two, one for the swing set that needed another swing.

They had bought a fancy fixture thing to put in the seat and string the rope through, but we had to drill holes for it. One of the fixtures was the wrong size, which messed us up a lot, but I caught it, and only one of the holes had to be redone.  

Once we had the swing put together we tied rope to the wood and to the swing seat. We had to redo it several times, but finally it was done.


The swing swings far, and is really fun. I was finally swinging on my swing when I fell off and hit my head on the wood seat. I didn’t swing again that night.

But I’ve been on it every day that I had any time at all since. It’s hidden in the corner and no one bothers me, but they know where I am. It’s a great place to swing, but also to hang out, read a be. read a book, write in my journal or just think.     

I’m very thankful for my swing, and I know there will be many great times had on that swing for years to come.


Watermelon Thief

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I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. Hopefully that will change in the coming school year.

Anyway I’m doing Loren’s CWWC and here is my story for the first challenge. I know it’s kind of silly, but it was fun to write. I used the things I wanted to say but never did prompt.

Here’s the story:

There are some things you really want to say, but really shouldn’t. For example, you probably shouldn’t tell my brother Josh that he is wearing two completely different shoes, because he will sock you. You shouldn’t ask that lady on the bus how soon till the baby is due, because, contrary to most beliefs, she isn’t pregnant. Don’t tell your parents that you stayed up till five o’clock yesterday morning, because they will get mad and ground you.

Actually, don’t tell your parents anything, because if they believe you, you will get in trouble. That’s the way it is for my parents anyway.

“Hey Mom, I’m going to the library to check out a book for my science project about frogs.”

“That’s not done yet? Then you will stay in the house for the entire weekend working on it.”

“What about the frog books?”

“We have some. Use those.”

“Josh ate them.”

“What have I told you about tattling Maria?”

“I wasn’t tattling, I-”

“Enough Maria, go to your room and work on the project.”

“But the frog books…”


Yeah, don’t tell your parents anything, it won’t work out very well.


This rule was exactly why I wasn’t telling my parents that I was going out to hunt for watermelons. Wait, wait, before you laugh, I really do have a good reason for hunting the watermelons. We had a school assignment to find ten of a fruit and average the number of seeds. Each of us had a different fruit, I watermelon.

So anyway, I decided to sneak into a watermelon farm and pick ten watermelons, because my Mom would never agree to buying ten of them.


The first thing I had to do was get into the watermelon farm. I snuck out of the house at five in the morning, the perfect time as people were still asleep, and it was getting light.

I put socks on, quietly crept down the stairs, unlocked the door, and, hopping on one foot and then the other while I put my shoes on, pulled the door shut.

The watermelon farm was walking distance, and it didn’t take very long to get over there. I looked around, and deciding it was the best way, hopped the fence.

My shoe caught in the fence, so I pulled the other one over, and tried to yank it out. When I finally got it, I tumbled down with a big crash into the watermelon field.

At least finding the watermelon wasn’t a problem.

I picked ten out, and quickly figured out I didn’t have a good way to get them home. I got five into my backpack, and struggled to carry the other five.

I took my jacket off, stuffed them in there, and picked it up by the sleeve. I slung my backpack over one shoulder, and started to climb the fence again.

But my hands were full balancing watermelon, and so climbing the fence was hard. I got one foot up, and finally decided to lower my jacket and backpack over the fence. I got across, picked the stuff up, realized I was being chased, and went running.

And that’s how I fell off of a bridge. Into ten watermelons.

When the woman came up I would have told her I was out on a walk, but I happened to be covered in watermelon, laying in the rinds.

The woman tried to look stern, but she just ended up laughing.

“What am I going to do with you?”

The woman introduced herself as Mrs Brown, owner of the watermelon farm.

She took me back to her house, helped me clean up, and asked what I was doing.

So I poured out the whole story.

After Mrs Brown stopped laughing she forgave me. Then she helped me cut up ten watermelon and count the seeds.

We put the leftover watermelon into the blender, and she blended it up for watermelon popsicles.

I was very surprised she wasn’t mad.

Soon, though I had to go home. She offered me a ride, but I told her I could walk.

I snuck back into the house, and into bed.

They never even noticed.

This, my friends, is why you don’t tell you parents stuff.


Goals for June 

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Since I didn’t do it last month(I wrote the post, but never got it up) I’m going to skip the recap and just do the goals.



Finish my Skylar story

Finish taking pictures for Joy’s Journal

Start new story


Finish the summer reading program at my library (Actually track it)

Decide what to read in my bible and start on that

Actually read from my TBR pile


Work on Dolltastically fun on Pinterest

Post once a week on Creative Castle


Work on the star quilt

Sew a smock


Be able to french braid my own hair (Decently) 

Picture a day


Sort Pictures

Sort Music

Play more with Pigs

Keep up with my garden

Do several things from my summer bucket list


The Blondie Disaster

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Yesterday I was trying to make a desert, a caramelish  thing called blondies. (They are kind of like brownies, except not brown (Or chocolate))

I poured brown sugar in the pan in turned it on while I melted the butter. Mom came in and turned it off until I had the butter ready.

I put the butter in the pan and turned it back on. It seemed to be going okay. The sugar had seemed to be melting nicely with the butter, so I turned off the burner and set it aside to cool.

I turned my attention to the flour mixture, grinding wheat for the flour, and adding salt and baking powder.

When I turned back to the sugar/butter they had separated into a solid lump and butter. I tried to stir it, but it wasn’t working so I added eggs and vanilla.

It still wasn’t working, so I put the pan back on the burner, forgetting about the eggs.

As soon as it got hot enough the eggs started to cook. I quickly pulled the pan off of the burner and set it aside.

Mom was doing school with my sister, and I went in and interrupted her (For like the third time) She told me that she had to finish what she was doing and she would be in a minute.

So I went back in the kitchen and desperately stirred at the mixture with a whisk. I was trying to switch the short handled whisk for the long handled one, except I couldn’t get all the sugar off the short handled whisk.

As I stirred the mixture the sugar became stringy and hard, not something anyone wanted to eat.

Finally Mom came back in and told me to throw it away, so I did and started over.

The second batch was perfectly fine.

Except I only got one piece.


Recap On March And Goals For April

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Highlights of March:

At the very beginning of March most of my family volunteered at a Toby Mac concert. We did merchandise, which manly was selling stuff. We got to see what we wanted of the concert, which was awesome.

Every year we go to a homeschool convention. Usually the one we go to is in Cincinnati, but we had other stuff planned for then so we went to Indianapolis with another family. It was fun, but a lot smaller than the one we usually go to.

Goals for March:


Find a name for Skylar’s story 



Work on Skylar

Meh, sort of. I did some, but not as much as I would have liked to.


Finish Joy’s Journal

I worked on it some, but I still have like ten parts to finish.


Start a story called The Legend Of Quiet




Decide what to do for Dolltastically fun

I did this one!


Work on Dolltasticallyfun Pinterest

I did. Once.


Get at least 35 views on Creative Castle

I got 31. Not quite 35, but better than five.


Post at least five times on Creative Castle

I did four times. This was supposed to be posted in March, but that didn’t happen.



Read the bible more

Kinda. I didn’t much at the beginning of the month, but now I’m reading it more.


Read 75 books

I read like 42


Sew a nice spring skirt

I made one, but it isn’t good enough to wear. I’m working on another, but it isn’t finished yet.


Work on the star quilt

I don’t think so. I might have at the beginning of the month, but I don’t remember.



You thought that was going to happen? Bwahahahahahahaha. Nope. I worked on it like once.





Talk to Lauren

Done! And it turned out to be a really good thing.


Try not to drive people crazy

I’m not actually sure how to grade this one… I’ll just go with I failed, since I seem to drive everyone insane.


Drive people crazy

Oh yes. I definitely did this one.


Sort Pictures

Well, I did, but now I need to do it again.


Sort Music

I thought about it!


Practice the violin outside of school

Not really. Especially since I missed a week of practicing by burning my fingers.


Play more with Pigs

Meh, sort of.


Put up something on Etsy



Picture a day



Purple hair

Failed, but I have a good reason for it. I’m in a production of Singing In The Rain, and if my hair was purple it would show through the wig.

April is a busy month, with the play I’m in and such, but I’m still going to set a few goals.

Goals for April:


Work On Skylar

Finish Joy’s Journal

Start new story


Read thirty books.

Read the Bible more.



Finish spring skirt

Work on the star quilt

Get my floor clean


Sort Pictures

Sort Music

Practice the violin outside of school

Play more with Pigs

Write letter

Talk to people

And these are the goals I will fail. Maybe.