My dollhouse part one bedrooms

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I made a dollhouse recently and had to write a report on it.  Here is the bedroom part and pictures of the bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms you can see the little hideout, bed,  accessorizes closet, and the clothes I made.DSCN1917

The other bedroom with the bunk bed, wardrobe, and ballet bar.


Both of the rooms together.


The rug pulls out for when the dolls are not doing ballet.



Inside the accessorizes closet.


The wardrobe.

And here is the report:




Bunk Bed and Doll

For the bunk bed, I used two card board pieces to make the beds, and I made the poles out of straws and glow sticks. I used felt to make the the blankets and pillows. The doll is a yarn doll.



This bed is just a box with a felt pillow and blanket.



For the curtain part, I sewed cloth strips together and then attached three pieces of embroidery thread, which is attached to the seat. I made the seat out of a ribbon spool covered with felt.


Ballet Bar and Rug

To make the the ballet bar, I covered the edge of a mirror with glue and then glitter. For the bar part, I put two beads on a skewer and glued the skewer to the mirror. The rug is carpet sample.



To make the chandelier, I layered foam butterfly stickers and topped it with a gem.


Accessories Closet

I made the closet out of a box by cutting the lid in half. Then I cut off the extras and glued it to the box. I glued gems on to the front for handles. Then I glued a mirror on top and glued a shelf on the inside. I then put felt on the shelf and the bottom. Finally, for the bar, I glued buttons to the inside edges and a toothpick to the buttons. I used pieces of wire for hangers.



For this, I glued paper to cardboard ovals and cut the ends off. For the bottom, I covered a cardboard rectangle with felt and glued the paper covered pieces to it. I glued a skewer to it. For hangers, I glued wire to ribbon loops.





Pink Spring Outfit

For the shirt, I cut out a circle and put a hole in the middle and made holes for the sleeves. I tied a piece of yarn around the waist. For the pants, I cut some pieces from old pants and sewed them together. Then I rolled up the cuffs of the pants.

Tank Top

I made the tank top from a loop of cloth and glued ribbon to it for sleeves.


Ice Skating Outfit

I made the top out of duck tape and used duck tape to hold it together. For the sleeves, I glued ribbon pieces on to the shirt. And for the skirt, I made a waist band of ribbon and glued ribbons to it.


Fancy Outfit

I made the dress almost the same way I made the spring outfit shirt. I covered a ribbon with glitter for the waist band. I made the jacket out of a cloth rectangle then glued sleeves onto the rectangle.



I crocheted the sweater out of pink yarn, using a pattern, and sewed on the button.


Sequin Skirt

The skirt is a strip of cloth that I glued sequins and a ribbon to.


Lace Skirt

For this, I just wrapped lace around itself and turned it inside out.



I sewed a piece of elastic into a piece of cloth and sewed that together so I had a skirt.



I sewed a ribbon into a strip of cloth.


Yellow Ribbon Skirt

I made this the same way I made the ice skating outfit skirt.


Hula Hoop

I covered a pipe cleaner with a twisting balloon and glued it together.



I glued a gold sequin to a black marker cap and then glued a loop of ribbon to the end of it.



I glued a loop of ribbon to a paper circle and then glued another paper circle on top of it. I covered it with aluminum tape.


Hair Extension and Hair Headband

for the hair extinction, I colored string and tied it to a mini rubber band. For the hair headband, I dyed craft hair and tied it to a rubber band. I braided it and tied it to the other side of the rubber band.


Wallet and Cards

I folded a piece of felt and glued it to make a pouch. I glued on a button and made a button hole and then filled It with cards that I made.



Pom Pom Rubber Band

I glued a pom pom to a rubber band.


Pink Spring Outfit Shoes

I glued two twisting balloons to a foot shaped piece of paper. I glued on another twisting balloon. I crisscrossed the balloons and glued them down. I repeated this for the other shoe.


Duck Tape Boots

I made a ring of duck tape on a piece of paper and covered it with another piece of duck tape. Then I cut in two places and taped it to make it look like a boot. I made another boot the same way.


Ice Skates

I made two boots and glued on aluminum tape blades.


Stay tuned for the other parts.



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