My Dollhouse art room

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Here is my doll’s art room


All of the dolls are together her but you can mostly see Samantha practicing piano, I feel sorry for her. ( I play piano and it is boring!)


Here you can see Kit playing on the computer.


The computer is actuality a chalkboard and the stylus is chalk. And  I use it as a touchscreen computer.


Ruthie painting, wishing she will not be retired.

And here is how I made everything.





To make the piano, I took a card box and folded it into the shape I wanted, then I covered it with brown paper. For the keys, I put white and black paper on the bottom fold. I made the legs out of marker caps and beads. I glued a bead to each end of the cap and then glued them to the piano.


Piano Bench

I covered a piece of cardboard with brown paper. Then I glued paint bottle lids onto the corners for legs.



For both chairs, I glued two pieces of cardboard together and then put felt on them. For the white chair’s legs, I glued two wooden spools. For the blue chair’s legs, I glued straw pieces on.



For the desk, I painted a glow stick tube and a piece of cardboard yellow, and then I cut the tube4 in half and glued the piece of card board to both halves. For the paper, I rolled a curtain strip on to a tube.


Bulletin Board

For this I covered some card stock with duck tape and then slipped on rubber bands.


Trash Can

I covered a tube with pink cloth.


Lamp and Rug

For the lamp, I glued a bead to a skewer and glued the skewer to the bottom of a cup. Then I filled the cup with glue. The rug is a carpet sample.


Laptop Tablet and Stylist

For the stylist, I glued a bead to the top of a marker cap. Then I glued a piece of chalk to the bead. For the tablet, I cut gems and glued them to a magnet. Then I painted the middle. For the laptop, I painted letters on the gems, and then glued them to the bottom of an old wax container. I painted the other side of the container black.


Pencils, Paintbrush, and Jar

For the jar, I covered a glitter container with colorful paper. For the pencils, I painted toothpick halves. And for the paintbrushes, I painted toothpicks and glued bristles to them.



I made the easel out of cardboard and then covered it with contact paper. I glued a clip to the front to hold on the paper.



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