Welcome To Camp Doll Diaries~ A Photo Story

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This is camp doll diaries


“Welcome to camp doll diaries”, said counselor  Bethany. “Are you ready for a tour?”

“Yes,” they answered.


“This is the gym.”


“The stage opens for storage.”


“Here is the art room and cafeteria. See the container filled with food? They also fill it with craft stuff. The thing on the wall is a mail container.”


“Here is your cabin.”


“You can put your suitcases on these hooks, and your clothes in the wardrobe.”DSCN2014

 “By the way, we will make uniforms tomorrow.”


“Here are the welcome boxes,” said Bethany.


“Oh look, camp bracelets, pillows, and stickers,” said the girls, as they put the pillows on their beds and slipped the bracelets on.

“If you climb on top of the bed, you can get to an amazing view,” Bethany told them.


“This really is amazing. I love it,” said Kit.


“This paper is yours too,” said Bethany. “The letter explains it.”


“Okay, let’s go down to the other level,” Bethany suggested.

“A zip line!” Kit exclaimed. “I have always wanted to go on one of those.”

“You can,” Bethany replied. “I’ll go get the trolley.”



“Whee!” Kit screamed in delight.


“Here is the camp infimary,” Bethany said, continuing with the tour.  “Don’t mess with the stuff,” she warned her campers.”


“Here is the pool. We are going swimming tomorrow.” Ding ding ding, went the bell. “There’s the dinner bell! Lets go,” Bethany said.


“Mmm. This food is good,” Samantha said. “My favorite place in the camp is the huge window.
What about yours, Kit?”

“The zip line,” Kit replied.

“And yours Ruthie?” asked Samantha.

“I don’t know. I like it all. Well, except for the infirmary.” The girls giggled.


The girls climbed into their bunks, and wished each other good night.

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