A Trip To The Camp Nurse

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“Good morning  Samantha and Ruthie,”  said Kit “I am getting dressed  so do not look.”


“I love these uniforms,” said Samantha as the girls put on their camp uniforms.


“I am going up to the big window.” said Ruthie.


“AHHHHH!” screamed Ruthie as she fell. “Quick to the infirmary!” said Kit, Ruthie better take the zip line.DSCN2043


“It looks Like Ruthie needs a X ray.” said the nurse. Go to breakfast girls. Ruthie will be fine.


The girls were listening to Bethany (the counselor)  speak when they heard Ruthie come in on crutches with a cast on her leg. “Ruthie!” yelled Samantha. “Its broken,” Said Ruthie sadly. “I have to go back to the infirmary and rest and probably stay for the night, but at least I don’t have to go home.”




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