Crossing The Frontier

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Camp Doll Diaries has a lot of land mostly trees  but they have a river too. The campers will be crossing some of that land in a covered wagon that I made.



The trip begins.



*When will we be there,* said Ruthie. * We just started Ruthie,* Said Kit. * but it is almost my turn to pull so you will get to ride  instead of pull.*



*Oh now I get why you were complaining,* said Kit. *Well after your first turn its mine so you will be off the hook,* said Samantha.



*Ow I wish I had shoes or a cast and crutches like you do Ruthie,* said Samantha.* No you don’t the rocks may hurt but my leg is always hurting.*


*My feet don’t hurt anymore because we are on wood now,* said Samantha.


*Yay we are almost done,* said Kit. *I am ready to collapse.**Me too, * Said Ruthie. * I am exhausted.* * Well we are there, * said Samantha. * we survived.


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