A Storm

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The girls were going swimming


And boating


And they got cold so they went to their cabin and wrapped themselves in their towels.

“I’m afraid there is a bad storm and we are not safe here” said Bethany ” So we have to go to a safe place.


Still in their towels they rushed to a place where they would be safe.”We are safe in here” said Bethany” but it is cold so lets huddle together to keep warm.”


“Does anyone know how to play string games.”Asked Bethany” ” I do!” said Kit and Bethany gave a loop of string.” I also have and e reader with books on it.” Said Bethany ” We have a  summer reading program where you can get free prizes for reading.””Yeah but it is too dark to read in here.” Pointed out Samantha.” “So Ruthie have nothing too do.” “Well they also use this as a storage room so you could play I spy.” said Bethany.



After awhile Bethany opened the door and announced that it was safe to come out.


Kit pushed the door shut.


“Look at that rainbow!” said Ruthie” It is faint but it is there. Rainbows are the only good thing about a storm.



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