Science Fair

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I am sorry that I haven’t been posting. Because I haven’t posted for a while I am going to share all the things that I would have posted in one post. HAPPY READING!


“I was told to wait in the science room while the judging took place.” Said Kit” Is this the science room?”

“Yes it is.” answered Ruthie

“So what did everyone make for the science fair.”Asked Samantha “I Made a telescope and holder.”


“I made a butterfly poster.” Said Ruthie “I probably will not win but it was fun to make.”



“I made a baking soda volcano.” Said Kit.




“Until Bethany gets here I am going to look at the big rock collection.” Said Ruthie


“And I am going to see if anyone fed the turtle.” Kit said.



“Is it okay if I look at your volcano with my telescope Kit.” Asked Samantha” Yeah that is okay.” Answered Kit.


Suddenly Bethany came in and announced that she had picked a winner.



“The winner is Ruthie’s poster.” Said Bethany” Good job Ruthie.”


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