Playing At A Playground

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“So where are we going again?”Ruthie Asked Bethany”Its a surprise “answered Bethany” Well when we are finished with the *surprise* can we go to that playground?” Asked Kit” That is the surprise!” Answered Bethany


“This is fun.” Said Samantha “Why don’t we have a playground at camp. Most camps have a playground.”

“We do not need one.” Answered Bethany” We have lots of other stuff to do that other camps don’t have.”


“This ladder can also qualify as monkey bars.”Commented Ruthie” This playground has different stuff then other playgrounds but I like it.”


“Hello” a girl said “May I play on the playground too?”

“Of coarse”Bethany answered


“This feels weird.” Giggled Ruthie “Being climbed over is fun.”


“Whee!” Yelled Samantha” This kind of swing is fun.”


“Girls time to go!”Bethany yelled” By the way what is your name?” She asked the other girl” My name is Ann.”the  girl said” My middle name is Ann.” Said Ruthie “I live in that barn over there.”Said Ann



The girls waved good bye to Ann.




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