A Trip To The Zoo~Aquarium

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“Look at those pretty goldfish!” Said Ruthie” The sign says the Orange ones name is ginger and the other one is sugar.”


“Look at me!” Samantha said” I am a diver.”


“Me too!” Said Kit


“Look at those fish!” Samantha said “So pretty”


“Look at me!” Said Kit “I am about to climb a waterfall.”


“Well look at me!” Samantha said “I am about to cross a bridge.”


“And I live in that castle.”Ruthie said Catching on” I am a mermaid!”

“Well I am glad you are having fun but I am afraid you will decide  to actually cross the bridge.” Bethany said “Lets go somewhere else.”

The girls are at the zoo I am doing 1 post for each exhibit. Stay tuned for more zoo posts!




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