To Be Thankful

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This year it seems like people are focusing  more on what comes after Thanksgiving. Black Friday, plenty of sales, the Christmas season. On the TV at our grandparent’s  house commercials advertise stores opening at five or six on Thanksgiving. At our grandparents house we make Christmas lists, and decided what we are doing for Christmas, make plans for Black Friday

Why can’t we just go back to when everyone gathered with family to have dinner and not worried about what they are going to buy, or getting the best deal. When stores weren’t open on Thanksgiving, and Black Friday sales didn’t start till Black Friday.

Why can’t we just celebrate what Thanksgiving is for? To be thankful.

In our society we tend to be greedy. But we also have a lot. There was a time when if you lived in a house with seven rooms you would be considered rich. Now a house that size is considered small.  We have lots of stuff that we don’t even care about. We just want MORE MORE MORE.

So instead of wanting more, we should be thankful for what we have for at least today.

So have a happy Thanksgiving.

And be Thankful.



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