The Power Of A Nice Word

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I’ve always loved when people comment on my blogs. But I haven’t thought much about commenting on other people’s blogs.  Sometimes I would, but way more often than not I’d just think ‘nice post!’ and not do anything.

But then I posted a poll on my other blog asking for advice. One of the choices was other, and while most people just gave their opinion, one person said something really surprising.

That person said one of the other answers, but used the other to say something nice. Really nice. It was encouraging, and made me feel really good, though it was very simple.

I realized the power of saying something nice, even something simple.

And since then I’ve made an effort to say nice things, both on the internet, and in the real world.

I want to make people happy.

When I read a good post I’ll say so. I won’t just think ‘nice post!’, I’ll tell them how good it is.

When I scroll down to the bottom of the post even if wasn’t planning on commenting, if they have only a few comments I’ll usually comment.

With all the bad things in the world it’s nice to see something not cutting someone down, whether it be a company, a person, or an idea.

Seeing how much something nice can do has opened my eyes. So I encourage you to say something nice to someone else today, or comment something nice.

Just because.


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