The Story Of The Swing

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So one day I was randomly watching music videos on youtube, and they were swinging on this really cool swing. And I thought “Hey, it would be really cool if we had one of those!”

About a week, two trips to Lowes, and four hours of working on it, I had my swing.

My Secret Swing

My family doesn’t really have a big backyard, only about three quarters of an acre, but some of it is wooded. We have worked with ropes many times. We have a ‘rope course’ consisting of ropes strung between trees different ways to walk on, which we redo almost every year. We have a rope swing hung from a tree three stories high. We had a tire swing (But it came down with the ropes course this year.) So a swing shouldn’t be too complicated.

So I talked to my Mom about it. She told me that if I could find a tree she would help me put it up.


When we came back from vacation I went on a hunt for trees. Most of the trees in the backyard are forest trees, growing straight up. I couldn’t find a tree with a good branch for hanging a swing.

But when we put up the tire swing we didn’t have a good branch either. We hung rope between two trees and hung the tire from a rope tied to the rope between the trees. So we could do that instead.

I picked out two trees on top of a hill in the back corner of the yard, where people rarely go. The perfect hideout.

I brought my Mom back there, and she agreed that the two trees would work.

Mom thought we could use some help, so I called Papa (My Grandpa) and asked him to help. He was going to come over on Saturday, but it rained. And then on Sunday he came over, but we had other stuff to do also and we didn’t get to it.

So we found time on Monday, (Labor day, also the first day of school) and after school my Mom, Papa and I went up to the hill to work on it.


They had gone to Lowes twice already and gotten the things we needed, but we had to drag it all back there, ladders, hammers, nails. They sent me up and down that hill several times.  

Instead of tying a rope between the two trees Mom and Papa tied two two-by-fours between the trees. They were going to tie them on either side of the tree, but they ended up nailing them together, and tying one end on one side of the tree, the other on the other side.

Most of what I got to do was sit and watch them, which was very boring since it took about four hours, but it was worth it.

When we had the wood up we went to make the seat. We were going to make two, one for the swing set that needed another swing.

They had bought a fancy fixture thing to put in the seat and string the rope through, but we had to drill holes for it. One of the fixtures was the wrong size, which messed us up a lot, but I caught it, and only one of the holes had to be redone.  

Once we had the swing put together we tied rope to the wood and to the swing seat. We had to redo it several times, but finally it was done.


The swing swings far, and is really fun. I was finally swinging on my swing when I fell off and hit my head on the wood seat. I didn’t swing again that night.

But I’ve been on it every day that I had any time at all since. It’s hidden in the corner and no one bothers me, but they know where I am. It’s a great place to swing, but also to hang out, read a be. read a book, write in my journal or just think.     

I’m very thankful for my swing, and I know there will be many great times had on that swing for years to come.


3 thoughts on “The Story Of The Swing

    Julia M said:
    September 18, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Man, I wish I had something like that! That’s so neat!
    ~Julia ❤

      hnracademy responded:
      September 18, 2017 at 9:08 pm

      Thank you so much!
      If you have a tree, a swing probably wouldn’t be too hard to make.

        Julia M said:
        September 18, 2017 at 9:52 pm

        We don’t really even have a backyard since we live in a neighborhood subdivision so I don’t think that will be happening 😦 ~Julia ❤

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