I Wore a Bandanna Every Day in January

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Until recently I’ve never really loved bandannas, it was just something I had and wore sometimes. But then I realized just how many bandannas I had and how I have a lot of bandannas, so I decided to wear them all one month. This was in November, so I decided to start in January, starting off the year, and also skipping December since there are so many events that require fancier clothes.

How many days are in January? As it turns out, a lot.

I’ve never really tried to collect bandannas, I just seem to acquire them. When I decided to do this I had twenty five, most of which I hadn’t even worn. I received several bandannas for Christmas and upon starting the challenge I had thirty nine.

My cousin and sister joined in because they thought it would be fun, so the three of us set out to wear a bandanna every day in January. We called it the bandanna challenge, and we started a board on Pinterest to pin ideas, and a Google Hangout to share pictures of our outfits.

The rules were fairly simple: Wear a bandanna every day in January. I think at one point we had said something along the lines of having to put it on an hour or something after we got up, but that faded out quickly.

My sister only had one bandanna, and we were going to go and buy some more, but it never happened. I, however, had piles of bandannas, so I decided as a rule just for me that I wasn’t going to repeat bandannas at all.

I was going to write about the bandanna I was wearing each day, but I only got like two days in before I gave up, so I’m not going to include those, but I wrote a paragraph the day before I started.

December 31

I currently have thirty nine bandannas and like four ways to wear them. I am bad at tying bandannas. I have no idea how I’m going to wear a bandanna every day for thirty one days. Some of my new bandannas were stiff, and I figured they all could be a bit cleaner so I washed all of my bandannas. Some of the white ones turned pink. I’ll have to bleach them. Most of my bandannas are okay. Bandannas are drying everywhere. I have way too many.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is this%2Bis%2Bkinda%2Bcool.jpg

One of the main goals was to actually put together nice outfits and look cute, but it didn’t really work. I actually tried to coordinate the bandanna with the outfit sometimes, usually when I had church or drama but I usually just threw on a bandanna with whatever I was wearing, usually tied around some part of me.

The first few days were kind of hard, but I eventually got used to it. My cousin dropped out after like a week because her school didn’t allow bandannas, which put her at a huge disadvantage. Apparently bandannas not being allowed in schools is a fairly common thing.

Although having my cousin in the challenge was kind of fun it was also cool to have it be a sister thing. We’d lay on the floor and discuss where to put our bandannas, and it was also cool to not be the only one doing it. Made it less weird.

As I expected I wore the bandanna the traditional way in which you fold the corners of a bandanna up and fold it up until it’s a strip of cloth, then tie it on the top of your head, the most times. Before I started the challenge I could hardly tie a bandanna, but I got a lot better at it.

However I was surprised at how many different ways I managed to wear it. Sometimes people think of cowgirls when they think of wearing bandannas, but I never looked like that. I only ventured into cowgirl territory twice, both times intentional.

So heres the stats

Seven times in the traditional way, with two more variations (Once I tied a knot in it, and the other I didn’t fold it up)

Five times tied around my ponytail, one of those times it being tied in a bow.

Three times wrapped around my wrist, and twice wrapped around my ankle.

Twice tied around my hair half up.

And then the rest were different from each other, tied around my neck, through my belt loops, folded into a hair bow, as a necklace, around my bun, as a blindfold, braided into my braid, folded into a triangle and tied around my neck, tied around my waist.

Then there was the last day.

I wore all the remaining bandannas, nine of them, most of them in ways I hadn’t gotten around to. Then my sister and I took the ones I’d worn already and turned them into a skirt.

Editted blog pic.jpg

I only wore it for a few hours because it was long and I kept tripping on the bandannas, but it was really cool and fun to twirl in and a great way to finish the bandanna challenge up.

bandanna challenge.jpg

So I am officially calling this challenge a success, because I did wear a bandanna every day, and I took pictures every day but one.

It was definitely not the easiest thing ever, and I got so sick of wearing them, but it was fun to find new ways to wear the bandannas every day.

If you like a challenge and have a lot of bandannas I would suggest doing this for a month. It’s fun and creative. (but also long) If you do, leave me a comment and tell me about it!


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