Recap of March Goals from Three Years Ago

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A few weeks ago I was reading this blog and I remembered a goals post I had written three years ago. I just now did one of the things in it, and I got to wondering if I’d done anything else in the list since then.

Turns out, I have done a lot of the things. So this is kind of a recap of my 2017 March goals. I thought it would be fun to see how my life has changed since then.

I won’t be including the ones that I had finished in the April recap.


Work on Skylar

Skylar was a character in a story I was writing. (The story hadn’t been named at the time) I did finish the story, but now I think its really cringy.

Finish Joy’s Journal

It was months later, but I did finish Joy’s Journal. (You can read it here) XXXX Joy’s Journal was the first story I actually planned. I spent months writing it, and I wrote the words for the story before I took the pictures, so I knew more what I was doing.

When I published the last few parts the pictures had been taken a long time ago and so the writing and the pictures are on different levels.

I don’t read it all that often because I cringe at the bad pictures, but I spent a lot of time on the story and I do like how it turned out.

Start a story called The Legend Of Quiet

I never did that. I kinda want to, but I have no idea what it would be about.


Work on Dolltasticallyfun Pinterest

I hadn’t even opened the page in like two years, but I went to the Dolltastically Fun Pinterest. I deleted the pin of a doll head, but didn’t change anything else. I think I’m just going to leave the account for awhile.

Get at least 35 views on Creative Castle

I might have done that a few months after posting this, but I doubt I’ve gotten more than five a month in the last year.

Post at least five times on Creative Castle

I have posted five times since writing this. Twelve actually.


Read the bible more

This is hard to judge, but I do think I do. I’m reading the book of Proverbs right now/

Read 75 books

Why did I want to read so many books?? I think I read like that many last year! And I had read 42 of them! What did I do with my life???


Sew a nice spring skirt

I don’t sew a lot anymore, but I think I did make a skirt after this.

Work on the star quilt

I did finish it, months later. Well kinda, it still needs a border.


I mean I have, but then I messed it up again. Its been three years, after all. I’ve redone my room multiple times since then. It is fairly clean right now.


I’ve done some organizing, but I’ve re-done literally everything since then so….


Try not to drive people crazy

I’m not sure what to say for this one. I’m not actively trying not to?

Drive people crazy

Nor am I trying to, but I’m sure ive succeeded.

Sort Pictures

My computer was updated recently so I was going through files, but it needs more work.

Sort Music

I was working on that, but it needs work too.

Practice the violin outside of school

I play the violin more than I used to, but I still need to practice a whole lot more than I do.

Play more with Pigs

I honestly don’t remember if I did that. I don’t have either of them anymore.

Put up something on Etsy

Nope, and we put the store on vacation, and I got rid of 90% of the things I was selling. I need to go delete the account.

Picture a day

For the majority of the three years, no. But I received a phone for my last birthday, and now I take pictures of my outfits every day, so kinda?

Purple hair

And now, this is the thing that reminded me of my post. I wanted to dye my hair with Kool-Aid, but it never happened. I found some hair dye in my bathroom cabinet last week and dyed a strip of my hair purple. I really love it, but now I kinda want to dye my entire head purple.

Turns out I’ve actually done most of the things. There are a few things that I didn’t do that I want to now.

Finish the star quilt

Organize music and pictures

Write The Legend of Quiet

Practice violin more

My life has changed a lot, but its cool to see that most of the things that were important to me then are still important to me now.


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