Creative Castle Plaque

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A few weeks ago at a library program we were painting plaquy things. We painted our plaques a base color. We had drawn a design on a piece of paper and then painted over it on a piece of plastic. I had no idea what to do, so I just decided to do Creative Castle. When we turned the plastic over onto the plaque the design flipped, so I had to draw my words backwards.

Creative Castle

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Right now it’s hanging on a wall in my bedroom. I like how in real life it represents my little corner of the internet.



Getting Ready For Church~photo story

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Today I am using Holly a life size doll for my post.


Holly woke up and realized it was Sunday and she had to get ready for church.



Holly sat up and got out of bed.


She put on her church dress and found her hair brush and hat.


Then she brushed and styled her hair.


And put on her hat.


After that she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.



She got her tooth paste and put some on her tooth brush.


She brushed her teeth then put away the tooth brush and went down stairs.


She ate breakfast and wished her mom a good morning.

Happy Sunday Everyone!



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Do you like american girl Marie grace and Cecile. There is a giveaway for mini them at:http://dolldiaries.com/giveaway-american-girl-mini-cecile-and-marie-grace-dolls/You only have till midnight tonight to enter so get your entering done.

Giveaway from doll diaries

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Doll diaries is doing another giveaway. They are giving away a camp doll diaries goody bag. I am going to be somewhat involved in camp doll diaries so I hope I win but I guess I have to enter first. You can enter at:http://dolldiaries.com/giveaway-welcome-campers/

Remember to vote for me at:http://sp2014dwfashiondesignchallenge.blogspot.com/2014/05/entry-36.html

Creative Castle

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As you probably know this blog used to be called guinea pig stars. But I am not so crazy about guinea pigs any more so I changed the name to Creative Castle. Now this blog will be about dolls, doll crafts, doll news, and anything else that I want to post. I hope you will enjoy this blog and  try out the crafts.

My third post

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This is my third post. it seems weird to have only 3 posts in about a month but I am going to try to post more often.