What You Can’t Capture

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I love to take pictures. My camera comes with me anywhere that might be interesting. I love to look through my pictures, to go back to the past.

But you can’t take a picture of everything.

You can take a picture of someone climbing a tree, but you can’t capture that moment of accomplishment when you make it to the top.

You can take a picture¬†of that girl sitting on a log sticking out above a creek, her legs crossed, her eyes staring off into the distance, but you can’t capture the feeling of sitting there thinking.

You can’t capture how exhausted you are after working on shoe boxes for eight hours

That proud feeling of surviving your audition

The wind in your face, blowing your hair

Your friend encouraging you to keep going

That much needed hug

How scared you were when there was someone else in that woods, not knowing who it was

Snowflakes falling on your face

Giggling with your best friend

Crying into your pillow late at night

When your foot misses the loop on the swing and goes all the way through, dragging your hair through the mud

That huge misunderstanding that happens when you try to tell someone something

When you survive something really hard

Doing your dance steps correctly for the first time

Cartwheels in the front yard

Wading through the creek, splashing around with joy

When you have been waiting for a book for forever, and when the library says that your book is at the library and you get there, and they lost it

When you found out that the library is closing for two months

How much you just want to go outside, and you can’t because you are sick

When you finish making yourself a dress

Being lost in the woods, hundreds of miles from home

When your friends abandon you

Hiding in the woods writing

Late night talks with cousins

How overjoyed you are when the first flowers of spring finally open

How happy you are to do something nice for someone else

You can take pictures, but you can’t capture everything.

I’m starting to wonder if what you can capture really matters at all.