Who is your favorite historical character

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Who is your favorite historical character for American Girl. Mine is Kit. Post your answer in a comment


Design contest

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Do you like to design or sew clothes for your dolls?  If so http://thedollwardrobe.blogspot.com/ has a contest to design  and craft a meet outfit that you think a American girl character should have had or your own character. Go check it out!


Who Is Your Favorite Girl Of The Year

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Today I have a poll for you. Who is your favorite american girl of the year (GOTY). My favorite GOTY is McKenna If you do not know about any of the GOTYs then go to the american girl website to find out

Doll Craft Bunk Bed

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Today I am going to show you how to make a doll bunk bed and ladder.


 You will need.



* Felt

* A hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Cut two pieces of cardboard  to 1 inch wider than your doll and 1 inch taller than your doll. Hot glue a piece of felt to 1 side of each piece of cardboard. Cut 4 straws 1 inch shorter than your doll. Hot glue the straws to the cardboard. Make the ladder.


You will need.


*Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cut seven straw pieces each 1 inch wider than your dolls foot. Cut two straw pieces each 1 inch taller than your doll. Hot glue the 7 pieces evenly on the longer pieces. glue the ladder to the bunk bed. For pillows cut small pieces of felt.

If you do not have the right supplies use cork board instead of card board or chopsticks instead of straws  DSCN1562


Creative Castle

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As you probably know this blog used to be called guinea pig stars. But I am not so crazy about guinea pigs any more so I changed the name to Creative Castle. Now this blog will be about dolls, doll crafts, doll news, and anything else that I want to post. I hope you will enjoy this blog and  try out the crafts.

5 more guinea pigs

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Hello I got more guinea pigs so I guess this blog will still be about guinea pigs. I have a lot to tell you about. I got 5 more guinea pigs but I only have 2 guinea pigs right now. How? let me tell you. We had decided to start over with 2 girl guinea pigs but it did not go so well. I got 2 more guinea pigs and I named them Vanilla and Bubbles. But we had to bring back Bubbles because Bubbles was a boy and we wanted 2 girls not a girl and a boy. We had to bring back Bubbles but we got another guinea pig and I named that guinea pig Marshmallow. We still had Vanilla  but she died  so we got carmy. But Carmy had skin problems so we got Lacy. And hopefully Lacy or Marshmallow wont die but they probably will.

No more guinea pigs

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happy new year! guess what. no more guinea pigs for me.  both nibbles and star died so this won’t be a guinea pig blog anymore [ until I get another guinea pig ]    bye for now


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Guess what. Well you will probably  never guess,  so  I will tell you. Buddy died.  So we got another guinea pig  and we named him star. He is white and brown with a rosette on his head. He has red eyes and pink ears. He is curious and likes to play in the pen and be held. He is also  very small.

My third post

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This is my third post. it seems weird to have only 3 posts in about a month but I am going to try to post more often.

More Guinea Pigs

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I like guinea pigs a lot. I wish I had three guinea pigs. I use to have three guinea pigs but one of them died. As you would probably guess my room has a lot of guinea pig pictures  in it and of course it has Nibbles and Buddy in it.

Nibbles is an Agouti guinea pig and he is brown and white. Buddy is black and white. They are both short haired. I am glad they are short haired because  long haired guinea pigs are hard to take care of.