My third post

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This is my third post. it seems weird to have only 3 posts in about a month but I am going to try to post more often.


More Guinea Pigs

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I like guinea pigs a lot. I wish I had three guinea pigs. I use to have three guinea pigs but one of them died. As you would probably guess my room has a lot of guinea pig pictures  in it and of course it has Nibbles and Buddy in it.

Nibbles is an Agouti guinea pig and he is brown and white. Buddy is black and white. They are both short haired. I am glad they are short haired because  long haired guinea pigs are hard to take care of.

My Guinea Pigs

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This is my new blog. I want to have a blog so I can write about my guinea pigs.  I have two guinea pigs and their names are Buddy and Nibbles.  They are both boys. Their cage is in my room.  They like to be held and play in the play pen. They have a lot of nicknames: Guinea Guy, Goody Boy, Pigs, and Piggies.