The Blondie Disaster

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Yesterday I was trying to make a desert, a caramelish  thing called blondies. (They are kind of like brownies, except not brown (Or chocolate))

I poured brown sugar in the pan in turned it on while I melted the butter. Mom came in and turned it off until I had the butter ready.

I put the butter in the pan and turned it back on. It seemed to be going okay. The sugar had seemed to be melting nicely with the butter, so I turned off the burner and set it aside to cool.

I turned my attention to the flour mixture, grinding wheat for the flour, and adding salt and baking powder.

When I turned back to the sugar/butter they had separated into a solid lump and butter. I tried to stir it, but it wasn’t working so I added eggs and vanilla.

It still wasn’t working, so I put the pan back on the burner, forgetting about the eggs.

As soon as it got hot enough the eggs started to cook. I quickly pulled the pan off of the burner and set it aside.

Mom was doing school with my sister, and I went in and interrupted her (For like the third time) She told me that she had to finish what she was doing and she would be in a minute.

So I went back in the kitchen and desperately stirred at the mixture with a whisk. I was trying to switch the short handled whisk for the long handled one, except I couldn’t get all the sugar off the short handled whisk.

As I stirred the mixture the sugar became stringy and hard, not something anyone wanted to eat.

Finally Mom came back in and told me to throw it away, so I did and started over.

The second batch was perfectly fine.

Except I only got one piece.



Recap On March And Goals For April

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Highlights of March:

At the very beginning of March most of my family volunteered at a Toby Mac concert. We did merchandise, which manly was selling stuff. We got to see what we wanted of the concert, which was awesome.

Every year we go to a homeschool convention. Usually the one we go to is in Cincinnati, but we had other stuff planned for then so we went to Indianapolis with another family. It was fun, but a lot smaller than the one we usually go to.

Goals for March:


Find a name for Skylar’s story 



Work on Skylar

Meh, sort of. I did some, but not as much as I would have liked to.


Finish Joy’s Journal

I worked on it some, but I still have like ten parts to finish.


Start a story called The Legend Of Quiet




Decide what to do for Dolltastically fun

I did this one!


Work on Dolltasticallyfun Pinterest

I did. Once.


Get at least 35 views on Creative Castle

I got 31. Not quite 35, but better than five.


Post at least five times on Creative Castle

I did four times. This was supposed to be posted in March, but that didn’t happen.



Read the bible more

Kinda. I didn’t much at the beginning of the month, but now I’m reading it more.


Read 75 books

I read like 42


Sew a nice spring skirt

I made one, but it isn’t good enough to wear. I’m working on another, but it isn’t finished yet.


Work on the star quilt

I don’t think so. I might have at the beginning of the month, but I don’t remember.



You thought that was going to happen? Bwahahahahahahaha. Nope. I worked on it like once.





Talk to Lauren

Done! And it turned out to be a really good thing.


Try not to drive people crazy

I’m not actually sure how to grade this one… I’ll just go with I failed, since I seem to drive everyone insane.


Drive people crazy

Oh yes. I definitely did this one.


Sort Pictures

Well, I did, but now I need to do it again.


Sort Music

I thought about it!


Practice the violin outside of school

Not really. Especially since I missed a week of practicing by burning my fingers.


Play more with Pigs

Meh, sort of.


Put up something on Etsy



Picture a day



Purple hair

Failed, but I have a good reason for it. I’m in a production of Singing In The Rain, and if my hair was purple it would show through the wig.

April is a busy month, with the play I’m in and such, but I’m still going to set a few goals.

Goals for April:


Work On Skylar

Finish Joy’s Journal

Start new story


Read thirty books.

Read the Bible more.



Finish spring skirt

Work on the star quilt

Get my floor clean


Sort Pictures

Sort Music

Practice the violin outside of school

Play more with Pigs

Write letter

Talk to people

And these are the goals I will fail. Maybe.

Creative Castle Plaque

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A few weeks ago at a library program we were painting plaquy things. We painted our plaques a base color. We had drawn a design on a piece of paper and then painted over it on a piece of plastic. I had no idea what to do, so I just decided to do Creative Castle. When we turned the plastic over onto the plaque the design flipped, so I had to draw my words backwards.

Creative Castle

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Right now it’s hanging on a wall in my bedroom. I like how in real life it represents my little corner of the internet.


Into The Woods

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My favorite kind of walk in the woods is when I am covered in mud, my pants have new holes in them, my hands are scraped and bleeding, and I can’t tell where the mud on my shoes ends and my shoes begin.

These might seem like bad things, but when they happen one thing is sure.

I’m having an adventure.

And while I like to walk in the woods, I love adventures.


Logs to climb on, trees, rivers, streams, fences, leaves, everything. Exploring where I am, climbing trees, walking on logs, the kind of silence that isn’t completely quiet, but the only sounds are of nature and you, and even getting all muddy.


I think that an adventure in the woods is kind of like life.

A lot of times it’s fun, but sometimes not.


The rivers in the woods are like struggles. You probably try to avoid them, but sometimes you you can’t. Sometimes while getting out of one river you fall into another river you didn’t know was there. Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from drowning in the river. Sometimes you want to go into a river, it looks fun, but then you get stuck and you can’t get out. Sometimes people try to help you, and sometimes they don’t realize you are drowning. Sometimes you will have to get out a river by yourself, and sometimes you will have to call out for help.


You know you aren’t supposed to go in the forbidden territory, but there is no one there, and you can’t imagine what could possibly be bad about it. Then you get lost, dreadfully lost, and don’t know how you will ever come out. You don’t know which way to go. Sometimes you don’t realize you have crossed the fence into forbidden territory until you come back out onto the other side.

The woods seem small. Sometimes you don’t know how you can possibly get lost in there till you are. On the good side or the not so good side of the fence, you can’t tell.


Sometimes you will have to do things that others don’t think is right.

Sometimes you will have to climb on that log suspended by branches. It’s scary, and you could fall at any second, but you will have to trust it will turn out alright.


Sometimes you will have to climb off of that branch you are having so much fun on, because you know that while it’s okay now, it could turn out disastrously later. So you climb off, and it collapses. Sometimes you will stay on, and it will collapse under you.


Sometimes you will slide down in the mud, trying to get up, but only sliding down father. Sometimes every step takes you down father. Sometimes you will find support in an unexpected place, and sometimes you will just have to accept that you are falling, hold on and try again later. And sometimes you will find that where you are isn’t so bad as you expected.


Exploring can be fun, but when you get tired, the sun goes down, and you are alone, it’s hard not to be scared.


Sometimes when you come inside your mom will fuss over you, making a big deal about your scrapes, never really knowing the danger you were in.

But hold on, because in the end, things turn out alright.


Schooled Concepts

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On Sunday in church the speaker in our youth group was asking us to call out groups in our school. Middleschooler, and highschoolers. Brown haired and blonde haired. 11th grader 9th grader and 7th grader. But popular, nerds, jocks?

In a three student school it’s hard to be popular.


This kind of thing happens all the time. A couple of times I’ve even seen people use school examples in groups of ALL homeschoolers. It drives us crazy.


I usually understand the concepts, but from books. Which means often they are skewed, because most of the crazy things that happen in books don’t happen in real life. (As far as I know)


It drives me crazy when they do that. It kind of feels like they are treating the schooled kids better because they go to school.


Why can’t they use concepts that EVERYONE can relate to?


I know most of the people running things were not homeschooled, but surely they can come up with something better.


Like the ‘kid sitting alone at lunch’. I have heard that one more times than I care to count. What about ‘kid playing alone on the playground, swimming alone at the pool, swinging alone on the swings, sitting alone at church, (This one especially, because if it’s being taught at church everyone can relate to it) scootering alone in the neighborhood?

Or being left out at school. There are other things to be left out at.

There are so many homeschoolers now. We have lots in our community. I think it’s about time they stop leaving us out.

And P.S. Homeschoolers do have friends.


Goals For March

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I haven’t done this before, at least not on a blog, but I love lists, so here goes.

I’m not going to bother to say much about February since I didn’t do this last month, but get straight to March.


Find a name for Skylar’s story  

I’m writing a story about a girl named Skylar. I’m doing it journal style, but even so I want to come up with a name besides Skylar’s Journal.


Work on Skylar

This goes along with that last one. Work on the story and write more.


Finish Joy’s Journal

I’m working on a story on my other blog, and I’m writing the rest of the story before I post it. I’m not fully finished though, and I need to work on it. If only the person who I am asking questions about the topic I’m using would reply to her email.


Start a story called The Legend Of Quiet

Nuff said



Decide what to do for Dolltastically fun

Ever since I decided to stop supporting American Girl I’ve been on the fence about Dolltastically Fun. It takes longer to make posts now, and I’m not getting many up lately. I haven’t been enjoying it much. So I need to decide what to do.


Get at least 35 views on Creative Castle

I only got 35 views last year on Creative Castle, which isn’t very many, so I’m hoping to get at least 35 views this month.


Work on Dolltasticallyfun Pinterest

DolltasticallyFun has a Pinterest account, but I rarely use it. It was mostly because my computer wouldn’t let me use Pinterest, so I had to use it at the library, which closed for renovations. But now it works on my computer and the library is open.


Post at least five times on Creative Castle

I only posted a few times last month, so I want to do more this month.


Read 75 books

I read 52 last month, and 89 in January, so I hope I can do it.


Read the bible more

I read my bible quite a lot this month, but I haven’t been doing it a lot lately.



Work on the star quilt

I’m working on making a small quilt. I have all the pieces cut out, but I need to piece them together.



No random stuff on the floor (Except for the furniture that was in the corner the squirrels invaded.) No random stuff everywhere.



There are some drawers I need to organize (Mostly the ones on the floor that have to be organized before they can go back in the dresser.)


Sew a nice spring skirt

I just got some new skirts, so maybe a shirt would be better, but I want to make a lace circle skirt.


Talk to Lauren

A friend I need to talk to.


Try not to drive people crazy

I ask too many questions.


Drive people crazy

Only when they drive me crazy.


Sort Pictures

I have bunches of pictures on my computer that I need to sort.


Sort Music

Same as pictures


Practice the violin outside of school

I practice my violin during school, but I want to get better at it, so more practice.


Play more with Pigs

I have two (Adorable) guinea pigs, but I don’t play with them a ton, so I should play with them more.


Put up something on Etsy

I actually have an Etsy shop, which I rarely keep up with, but I’d like to get something up there this month.


Picture a day

It’s only three days into the month, and already I have failed. However I want to keep trying on taking at least one picture each day.


Purple hair

I just recently got my hair cut, and I want to dye it purple. Hasn’t happened yet.

Obviously not all of this will happen, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Long List Of Excuses

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The idea from this post came when I was thinking what I was going to say in another post. “I’m sure you don’t want to hear a long list of excuses” But what if you do? (You probably don’t) So I decided to devote an entire post to a list of excuses. It’s something to post.

Long list of excuses

I’ve been sick.

I’ve been preparing for my homeschool science fair.

I’ve been too busy listening to Twenty One Pilots

I haven’t felt like posting

I haven’t had many good ideas

Mom keeps interrupting me

Squirrels ate a hole through my wall. (It’s actually true. I have squirrels in my wall, along with a nest.)

I’ve been busy cleaning my room so that we can fix the wall, and then paint it

I’m too busy coming up with a list of excuses to come up with something better

I’m organizing my ribbon

I’ve been reading a zillion books

I haven’t done much school lately and blogging is part of my school schedule

The spell checker on wordpress doesn’t seem to be working

I’m too busy complaining about the underwear outrage

I haven’t had motivation to do it

Picmonkey doesn’t seem to like loading

It’s been taking me longer than I have to put together a post

I want to make a good post, so I start something and never finish it

The library just reopened and I have been too busy walking to it


There you have it. A long list of excuses.


The Power Of A Nice Word

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I’ve always loved when people comment on my blogs. But I haven’t thought much about commenting on other people’s blogs.  Sometimes I would, but way more often than not I’d just think ‘nice post!’ and not do anything.

But then I posted a poll on my other blog asking for advice. One of the choices was other, and while most people just gave their opinion, one person said something really surprising.

That person said one of the other answers, but used the other to say something nice. Really nice. It was encouraging, and made me feel really good, though it was very simple.

I realized the power of saying something nice, even something simple.

And since then I’ve made an effort to say nice things, both on the internet, and in the real world.

I want to make people happy.

When I read a good post I’ll say so. I won’t just think ‘nice post!’, I’ll tell them how good it is.

When I scroll down to the bottom of the post even if wasn’t planning on commenting, if they have only a few comments I’ll usually comment.

With all the bad things in the world it’s nice to see something not cutting someone down, whether it be a company, a person, or an idea.

Seeing how much something nice can do has opened my eyes. So I encourage you to say something nice to someone else today, or comment something nice.

Just because.


What You Can’t Capture

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I love to take pictures. My camera comes with me anywhere that might be interesting. I love to look through my pictures, to go back to the past.

But you can’t take a picture of everything.

You can take a picture of someone climbing a tree, but you can’t capture that moment of accomplishment when you make it to the top.

You can take a picture of that girl sitting on a log sticking out above a creek, her legs crossed, her eyes staring off into the distance, but you can’t capture the feeling of sitting there thinking.

You can’t capture how exhausted you are after working on shoe boxes for eight hours

That proud feeling of surviving your audition

The wind in your face, blowing your hair

Your friend encouraging you to keep going

That much needed hug

How scared you were when there was someone else in that woods, not knowing who it was

Snowflakes falling on your face

Giggling with your best friend

Crying into your pillow late at night

When your foot misses the loop on the swing and goes all the way through, dragging your hair through the mud

That huge misunderstanding that happens when you try to tell someone something

When you survive something really hard

Doing your dance steps correctly for the first time

Cartwheels in the front yard

Wading through the creek, splashing around with joy

When you have been waiting for a book for forever, and when the library says that your book is at the library and you get there, and they lost it

When you found out that the library is closing for two months

How much you just want to go outside, and you can’t because you are sick

When you finish making yourself a dress

Being lost in the woods, hundreds of miles from home

When your friends abandon you

Hiding in the woods writing

Late night talks with cousins

How overjoyed you are when the first flowers of spring finally open

How happy you are to do something nice for someone else

You can take pictures, but you can’t capture everything.

I’m starting to wonder if what you can capture really matters at all.


End Of 2016

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2016 has been a very interesting year. Some parts were good, some parts were bad, some parts were AMAZING, and some parts were TERRIBLE. I learned a lot this year, and mostly, I survived. Here’s some of what happened this year:


Started Joy’s Journal on my other blog Dolltastically Fun. Got braces


Won 2nd place in a homeschool science fair.


I’m sure SOMETHING Happened in march. Nope. Got nothing


My drama group preformed Mary Poppins


Finished making 50 scarfs (With some help) for an organization my church supports.


Finished my 6th grade school year.


Summer camp.


I turned 13.


Started school again and came home from a family vacation.


I went to the Fall Retreat at church camp. Started writing in my journal again. Went Trick or Treating with friends in my neighborhood.


Found myself sick for two weeks. UGH. Started posting on Creative Castle again


Went to the Operation Christmas Child Processing center with my Grandparents and Cousin. CHRISTMAS.

My year was quite interesting, but I can’t wait for 2017!