don’t leave homeschoolers out!

Schooled Concepts

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On Sunday in church the speaker in our youth group was asking us to call out groups in our school. Middleschooler, and highschoolers. Brown haired and blonde haired. 11th grader 9th grader and 7th grader. But popular, nerds, jocks?

In a three student school it’s hard to be popular.


This kind of thing happens all the time. A couple of times I’ve even seen people use school examples in groups of ALL homeschoolers. It drives us crazy.


I usually understand the concepts, but from books. Which means often they are skewed, because most of the crazy things that happen in books don’t happen in real life. (As far as I know)


It drives me crazy when they do that. It kind of feels like they are treating the schooled kids better because they go to school.


Why can’t they use concepts that EVERYONE can relate to?


I know most of the people running things were not homeschooled, but surely they can come up with something better.


Like the ‘kid sitting alone at lunch’. I have heard that one more times than I care to count. What about ‘kid playing alone on the playground, swimming alone at the pool, swinging alone on the swings, sitting alone at church, (This one especially, because if it’s being taught at church everyone can relate to it) scootering alone in the neighborhood?

Or being left out at school. There are other things to be left out at.

There are so many homeschoolers now. We have lots in our community. I think it’s about time they stop leaving us out.

And P.S. Homeschoolers do have friends.