How to make blondies

The Blondie Disaster

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Yesterday I was trying to make a desert, a caramelish  thing called blondies. (They are kind of like brownies, except not brown (Or chocolate))

I poured brown sugar in the pan in turned it on while I melted the butter. Mom came in and turned it off until I had the butter ready.

I put the butter in the pan and turned it back on. It seemed to be going okay. The sugar had seemed to be melting nicely with the butter, so I turned off the burner and set it aside to cool.

I turned my attention to the flour mixture, grinding wheat for the flour, and adding salt and baking powder.

When I turned back to the sugar/butter they had separated into a solid lump and butter. I tried to stir it, but it wasn’t working so I added eggs and vanilla.

It still wasn’t working, so I put the pan back on the burner, forgetting about the eggs.

As soon as it got hot enough the eggs started to cook. I quickly pulled the pan off of the burner and set it aside.

Mom was doing school with my sister, and I went in and interrupted her (For like the third time) She told me that she had to finish what she was doing and she would be in a minute.

So I went back in the kitchen and desperately stirred at the mixture with a whisk. I was trying to switch the short handled whisk for the long handled one, except I couldn’t get all the sugar off the short handled whisk.

As I stirred the mixture the sugar became stringy and hard, not something anyone wanted to eat.

Finally Mom came back in and told me to throw it away, so I did and started over.

The second batch was perfectly fine.

Except I only got one piece.