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My Family Eats Weird

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My family eats weird.

Since one of my sisters and I were little we have had a sensitivity to certain foods. We say it’s to MSG (Monosodium glutamate.) but in reality there are a lot of foods we ‘can’t eat.’ It’s a sensitivity, not a true allergy, which means we don’t break out or get sick, but it makes us more ‘grumpy.’

So for years, as long as I can remember, we didn’t eat anything with preservatives, MSG, or chemicals. We don’t usually eat that way anymore, we eat mostly what we want outside of our house, but at home we still eat weird. Most of our food is all natural, organic, non gmo certified, and there is a whole list of things we don’t eat.


I love to bake, but with the way we eat, recipes often have to be adapted, changed, or ditched entirely.

We use coconut sugar or honey instead of white sugar, grind our own whole-wheat flour instead of using white flour, no food coloring, cornstarch, buttermilk, cake flour, sweetened condensed milk, corn syrup, cake mix, powdered sugar,.

A lot of things are easily, or at least doably, substituted for. Fruits and vegetables often make good dyes, one part lemon juice, three parts milk (Or water even) works just fine as Buttermilk, cake flour can usually be replaced with normal flour, or a different recipe for the same thing without cake flour found. Recipes without sweetened condensed milk or corn syrup can usually be found instead of one that calls for those things. Cake batter from a recipe can be used instead of cake mixes. Sometimes powdered sugar can be replaced with sugar and flour, but not usually. Powdered sugar is hard to replace.  

Icing is the worst. I know people who think cake/cupcakes aren’t cake/cupcakes unless they have icing, but without powdered sugar, icing is REALLY hard. I’ve tried making icing other ways, but it’s hard without powdered sugar.

Cookie dough icing and peanut butter icing both have powdered sugar in them, though I am going to try to make versions without. Jelly has pectin it in. Marshmallows are bad, though I’m not entirely sure why.

I’m working on coming up with something to replace icing, which is hard, but I like the challenge.


It’s hard when people don’t eat your food because it looks ‘weird’ but it’s really cool when you make something just as good or better as the ‘normal’ version, but completely safe and filled with natural things.

That’s the best part.