Into the woods

Into The Woods

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My favorite kind of walk in the woods is when I am covered in mud, my pants have new holes in them, my hands are scraped and bleeding, and I can’t tell where the mud on my shoes ends and my shoes begin.

These might seem like bad things, but when they happen one thing is sure.

I’m having an adventure.

And while I like to walk in the woods, I love adventures.


Logs to climb on, trees, rivers, streams, fences, leaves, everything. Exploring where I am, climbing trees, walking on logs, the kind of silence that isn’t completely quiet, but the only sounds are of nature and you, and even getting all muddy.


I think that an adventure in the woods is kind of like life.

A lot of times it’s fun, but sometimes not.


The rivers in the woods are like struggles. You probably try to avoid them, but sometimes you you can’t. Sometimes while getting out of one river you fall into another river you didn’t know was there. Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from drowning in the river. Sometimes you want to go into a river, it looks fun, but then you get stuck and you can’t get out. Sometimes people try to help you, and sometimes they don’t realize you are drowning. Sometimes you will have to get out a river by yourself, and sometimes you will have to call out for help.


You know you aren’t supposed to go in the forbidden territory, but there is no one there, and you can’t imagine what could possibly be bad about it. Then you get lost, dreadfully lost, and don’t know how you will ever come out. You don’t know which way to go. Sometimes you don’t realize you have crossed the fence into forbidden territory until you come back out onto the other side.

The woods seem small. Sometimes you don’t know how you can possibly get lost in there till you are. On the good side or the not so good side of the fence, you can’t tell.


Sometimes you will have to do things that others don’t think is right.

Sometimes you will have to climb on that log suspended by branches. It’s scary, and you could fall at any second, but you will have to trust it will turn out alright.


Sometimes you will have to climb off of that branch you are having so much fun on, because you know that while it’s okay now, it could turn out disastrously later. So you climb off, and it collapses. Sometimes you will stay on, and it will collapse under you.


Sometimes you will slide down in the mud, trying to get up, but only sliding down father. Sometimes every step takes you down father. Sometimes you will find support in an unexpected place, and sometimes you will just have to accept that you are falling, hold on and try again later. And sometimes you will find that where you are isn’t so bad as you expected.


Exploring can be fun, but when you get tired, the sun goes down, and you are alone, it’s hard not to be scared.


Sometimes when you come inside your mom will fuss over you, making a big deal about your scrapes, never really knowing the danger you were in.

But hold on, because in the end, things turn out alright.