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Julia Rose Launch Tour!

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So today I am particapating in the lovely Julia Rose’s blog launch tour for her new blog Julia Rose Author. She also posts over at DollsNAll, where you might know her from.

Julia Rose

So I did a little interviewy thing, and here it is! I’m in Black, Julia in purple.

First: Why did you decide to start Julia Rose?

Julia: I started my blog to document my journey of writing, my wandering in written worlds (hence the tagline!), and to share the joy of writing with the world! It’s my passion, and it spills into everything I do! I also want to glorify God in whatever I do – and that includes my blogging and writing!

Second: What do you want people to know about your new blog?

Julia:  I want people to be encouraged, and I want them to learn from my mistakes. XD I want my blog to be enjoyable and welcoming. Plus, making new friends in the blogosphere is always so much fun.. I’d like to do writing related posts, with a few articles here and there, writing snippets once in a while, interviews, and maybe the occasional fun reading post (in which I insist EVERYONE reads Chuck Black’s books!).
Third: Do you have an advice for people starting a blog different from a first one?
Julia: Starting a blog is like starting with a fresh page (haha, literally if you’re a writer) and don’t give up. Don’t toss it aside. Press through and do your best! The beginning is often the hardest because you don’t see a lot of fruit out of it. But still, keep going and do it!
And now for some snippets, because yay snippets!
Julia: Aha! Snippet time!  *rubs hands together evilly* I love snippet time. XD Let’s do some mixed-up Kernera snippets (just to get you thoroughly confused!)!
The gravestone was a bleak addition to the cold snowy landscape… an unwelcome one, that is. Tears splashed onto the granite as a young lady knelt on the frozen ground beside it, crying. Towering a few feet behind her was a hulking figure who stepped slowly and uncertainy closer and closer until he reached the kneeling form. He stooped down and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her heaving shoulders. He held her there for a while, offering support as she grieved. She buried her head in his embrace, sobbing. – Beyond Kernera, by Julia Rose

She had but minutes to save herself and the child. Just as she reached Cheval Beau, a shadowy figure snapped the rope keeping him, leaped into the saddle and galloped soundlessly away. Cheval Beau tossed his head wildly, whinnying, and fear gripped her heart like an icy hand with clawing fingers.

“No,” she whispered. But that was all she could say, for during her shock she had lost her senses and did not take in her surroundings, for she was grabbed roughly and thrown behind the saddle of a strange horse. The stranger covered her mouth with a thickly gloved hand and sharply hissed, “Not a sound or our death will arrive.” – Journey to Fort Kernera, by Julia Rose

Anger continued to swell within the man as he reached the entrance of the cave. It used to be his comforting abode – the only place to return to as a haven during the chaos of the world. But when he had left abruptly….

“Well, at least someone put it to good use,” he muttered, lifting the play sword. It looked too much like the one he had made for his own son… it brought back too many painful memories. He threw it to the ground. His voice echoed throughout the cave as he yelled to no one in particular – or so he thought. “Why did everything have to happen? Why?! I can’t let go. I won’t forget!” He turned sharply, and in doing so struck an unforeseen corner of the room. He swore, and then saw a small scrap of paper protruding from a crack. Could it have survived all these years? He knelt, hope beginning to fill him once more. He grabbed the corner and tugged… but he immediately deflated. Only the corner was still in existence. – Because of Kernera, by Julia Rose
Those three snippets are from the three short stories that make up my Kernera trilogy! I really, really love/loved writing those and you’ll have to keep watching my blog to find out the rest!
So go read Julia’s blog to find out the rest of the story, and because her blog is awesome!